Healing with Heart Meditation Workshop. SOLD OUT

Healing with Heart Meditation Workshop. SOLD OUT


Healing with Heart: Meditation workshop with Renu Pamar
OCTOBER 18 th 6-8 pm $25 per person

Scientific research is now saying your heart is a miniature brain that contains information and immense power to alter your body, brain and your outer reality. 
When your heart is aligned, you have the tools to follow it!

Come join this potent workshop that will include specific meditations and activities designed to align your brain and heart so that you can: 
Follow your intuition
Align with emotions that serve you
Let go of emotions that hold you back
Harness your ability to manifest in alignment with your dreams
Remove blocks around giving and receiving love
Strengthen your connection to Divine energy. 


Renu Pamar is a spiritual coach and intuitive energy healer. Her gift is working with the brain, body and soul connection on a DNA level to align others and help to manifest their goals.

Please bring a journal and as the inner journeying will be important. 
Sign up link in bio or Pre Pay in the shop. We have 18 spots available.

sold out
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