Shearling Fanny Pack Your Bag of Holding

Shearling Fanny Pack Your Bag of Holding

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Shearling Fanny Pack fits pretty much everything you’ll ever need.

This mini bag is a great carry all for any occasion. It can be worn cross body, slung over the shoulder or around the waist!
Made of soft natural beige shearing (sheepskin), this mini bag will last a lifetime. Zippers are high quality Raccagni zippers from Italy.


9" (22.8 cm) W
6.5" (16.5 cm) H

Strap adjustable with buckle.

All bags are hand stitched exclusively. The stitch used is a saddle stitch and is known for being durable and strong. All bags are made to order and as such there is a 24 hour refund and return policy, outside of extenuating circumstaces refunds will only apply to this time period. Expect order to be fulfilled in 2-3 weeks. Bags are made by Emily in her studio in East Vancouver. Slight colour variations may occur.

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